Beaver Meadow Foxhounds

Beaver Meadow Foxhounds Hunt Club was formed in 1992 and pursues the time-honoured tradition of riding to hounds.

The Club meets Sundays and Wednesdays, spring and fall, at various farm locations to enjoy a morning out with the hounds and fellow members.

The Club welcomes and encourages new members and guests to join them for a fun-filled day of riding and camaraderie, which is often followed by a delicious meal, called the Hunt Breakfast. Here is where you can enjoy more discussion and socialization from the morning’s events.

During the rest of the year, when not hunting hounds, the Club offers many other social events for their members such as the annual Hunt Ball, Christmas Party, Puppy Show and other enjoyable gatherings.

If you would like to receive more information about this sport or joining us, please contact one of our Masters.


Marion Castleton

(905) 342 3813


Jamie Hughes

(705) 924 9967

John Curtis

(705) 340 3029